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Staged Terror Attacks

As America deals with all of the news permeating from the bombs that exploded in Boston many of us who know the truth are waiting for the truth.  So you think because that one individual is dead and another is fighting for his life that means they have the right people?  Think again!  We are going to examine this top quite deeply and provide you with a plethora of information that will show you a side of your government you didn’t know existed. (more…)


Attack of Sporting Events

Obviously, by now almost every American and millions around the world are familiar or have at least heard of the horrific tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon.  While the person behind this is still questionable, we want to address an even more serious idea.  What if grander styled event was to take place at a larger organized sporting event such as a football game, a nascar event or other large sporting venues. (more…)

Was It Really A Terrorist?

I would venture to say there has not been anyone who is alive or at the very least has a heart has not seen this horrific photo!  Before we begin our dive into this highly sensitive topic, let me exclaim that our hearts and prayers go out to the families who have been affected by this heinous act of complete selfishness and ignorance. (more…)

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