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Staged Terror Attacks

As America deals with all of the news permeating from the bombs that exploded in Boston many of us who know the truth are waiting for the truth.  So you think because that one individual is dead and another is fighting for his life that means they have the right people?  Think again!  We are going to examine this top quite deeply and provide you with a plethora of information that will show you a side of your government you didn’t know existed. (more…)


Is It The New Home or Something Else…

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, finally addressed they are releasing their own phone that will be called “Facebook Home.”  To some it may very well be home, to others it may be a threat to their independence as well as freedoms.  In a world where virtually any entity can access your phone without provocation or notification, the world’s leader in providing information to the government is going to take it a step further. (more…)

Kids Are Being Conditioned In School, Sound Familiar

Our nations public school system’s are being used as instruments to brainwash our children to accepting the impending Orwellian society that is being created just for them.  Many people go around and say this will never happen, sadly enough it has.  Anyone remember Hitler?  He’s here, right now in America. (more…)

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