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Shut Up or Put Up

Here’s one for you Fat Kim…. How about you put up or shut up!  I am not sure about anyone else, however, I had more than my fill of this wee man.  If a nuclear war is truly what you desire I think we should deliver your wishes.  The only thing we have heard from your mouth is hot air!  Is this what you meant by your version of a nuclear war?  A bunch of hot air! (more…)


Who Said What…

It’s been a short while since we have posted on what is going on around the world!  Why, because it has become obvious that nobody truly has a clue!  Regardless of what the mouths in D.C. are yakking, the truth has not been as forward as it should!  Surprised?  We’re not! (more…)

Hagel: ‘Clear Danger’ in Korean Threat…

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warns North Korea’s threats pose ‘real and clear danger’ to US, as Pentagon announces plan to send sophisticated missile-defense system to Guam. (more…)

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