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May 2013
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After having read an article that I came across on Facebook in regards to Australia’s Prime Minister, all I can say is thank you sister for making a stand in what you believe for and the direction of you choose for your country.  While the retribution certainly has the potential to be phenomenal, she is at the very least willing to make a stand on what her country believes in.Her words were simple in regards to Islamic groups and individuals trying to take root in her country “Take It or Leave It.”  As she indicated most Australian’s believe in God.  She clearly pointed out that this not attributed to any right-wing fundamentalist group but rather the principles of which her country was founded upon.  One might like to remind Americans of the same thing.  This whole attitude of our government about we need to be so inviting to Muslims who think we should change our beliefs and form of governing to Sharia law to this I say…..”I speak English” and I encourage you to do the same.  If my Red, White and Blue flag offends you then I certainly encourage you to pack your bags and go back to where you came from.

Having seem some of the countryside where you may have lived, I am quite sure that our way of living is much better.  Look, I don’t care what language you choose to speak when you are in the comfort of your own home, however, when out and about don’t expect me to be so inviting to your culture as we have one established right here!  We like it, we fight to defend it and are willing to keep it.

As quoted by her “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND AND OUR LIFESTYLE” we have been gracious enough to allow you to enjoy all these wonderful opportunities that exists.  But once you are done complaining, whining and griping about our Flag, our Pledge, our Christian beliefs and our way of life, I highly encourage you to take advantage of another great American freedom that we enjoy, “THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.”

Remember that we didn’t force you to come here!  This was a personal choice that you made for yourself.  You asked to be here and we accepted you.  So, how about you do yourself a favor and accept the principles and beliefs of the country that took you in.

I personally along with millions of other veterans, God-fearing Americans and those who believe in what our country stands for are personally tired of you demanding that we change to meet your needs.  This is The United States of America!  One Country, God-fearing and at our wits end with those who think we need to change to meet their needs.  If what we have isn’t good enough for you, find the closest airport and purchase a ticket and find your way back to where you crawled out from under the rock.

I have several friends of various nationalities, however, the one thing they do enjoy and share with me is the fact that our country provided them with FREEDOM, LIBERTIES and the right to pursue happiness.  Yes America has been called and referred to the “Melting Pot.”  I just am not going to melt into something that America was never intended to be.   Respect goes a long way here in America!  When you give you can expect to receive it.  If you spit in the fact of it you too should expect the same in return.

Enough is enough!  America it is time to stand and make your voices heard!  You know what is right and now like no other time in American History is your change to make a change for what is right!

The choice is yours!




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