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May 2013
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Exactly how much of the IRS scandal is the truth.  I certainly know that the majority of any American with a clue can figure that one out on their own.  The White House scandals have many people scrutinizing elected officials in Washington.  In case they forgot they were put there to be there “for the people and by the people.”  I think that this has been more than forgotten.

A lack of discipline, an increase in greed and the vast amounts of lies told from D.C., have more than diminished our system.  However, this has been in the works for many years past.  It’s just more than apparent now that this has finally started to truly show the true colors of those in D.C.

One thing I can say with great compassion is the mere fact that most American’s now have become to the impervious amounts of lies that come from anyone in government.  There is certainly no doubt that The United States has more than drifted away from what founding fathers intended it to be when the Constitution was created.  The very fabric of it had God contained within it and reminded each and every human being that they had fundamental rights.

With the passing of each and every day there are new Bills being introduced that are aiming to strip every American of their God-given rights as we once knew them.  Since when did it become the responsibility of the IRS to be the monitors of our health care system?  This has more than just myself concerned and we see this as being a huge downfall not just for Americans but America itself.

Now the media itself is finding itself in direct line of fire and being asked to present its knowledge of information.

Why should questions be asked from the IRS like “do we need non-profit organizations?”  Since when did it become the right of the IRS to first even ask that question and secondly try to control it.

There is no question in our mind that we have allowed way more power to both the IRS and the government.  It is time that we draw clear boundaries, contact your representatives and demand changes.  If we do not stand up now, then we as Americans are agreeing to be a part of what is becoming a dysfunctional government at best.  “We the people” still have a voice and it is time to make it heard.

God Bless America….



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