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Attack of Sporting Events

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April 2013
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Obviously, by now almost every American and millions around the world are familiar or have at least heard of the horrific tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon.  While the person behind this is still questionable, we want to address an even more serious idea.  What if grander styled event was to take place at a larger organized sporting event such as a football game, a nascar event or other large sporting venues.Some may see this is providing ideas to terrorists or those who choose to do ill at such venues.  However, we must address this as being a possibility.  To be quite honest, I am more than surprised that such an event has not already taken place.  I am not sure that I am willing to credit it toward any increased security at these events.  What I am going to attribute it to is mere luck.

indianapolis stadiumLet’s use this as purely illustrative purposes only, can you imagine a bomb or explosive device being detonated at the Indianapolis Colts’ stadium?  An area where there is literally thousands of tons of concrete, steel and other materials that would come crumbling down on innocent people enjoying their favorite sporting team at that location.  To say catastrophic would be a huge understatement.

After having read another article which addressed this very same type issue, we only have to wonder how that would change the direction of sporting events at large arenas.

What now?  Does that mean that everyone would have to undergo a FBI investigation before having to purchase tickets to any given event?  Does this mean that if you possibly you may be labeled as a potential terrorist because of your personal beliefs that you will be denied access?  While some see this as being way out in left field, based on the way that our world is heading we see it as a very distinct and viable option that is going to be put on the table in the very near future.

Some may very well be sitting and asking themselves “why would you suggest this?”  Simple!  It just happened at one of America’s largest and well-known events.  What would make you think that it couldn’t happen at one of these!

I would like to think that many people have seen the movie “The Sum of All Fears” starring Morgan Freeman.  While many see this as being impractical or that it would never happen in America, I am hear to inform you that the mere fact that it hasn’t is nothing short of a miracle in and of itself.

Keeping on track with our own beliefs, we know that nothing brings Americans together than when such a national tragedy occurs.  Question would be though, if the government of the United States was behind this exactly who would we go after.  With gun control being a hot topic of conversation, our tanked economy and the world leaders pressing for a one world government and economy what a more credible event to ensue than one of this proportion.

There is so much going on around the world that our government has been a part of!  Could this be the next one?  Could we see this sort of tragedy in America.

Give it time….

What you may see could very well change your opinion of your government and how you see them!

I can only caution you in regards to any event that you choose to attend, make sure you are aware of your surroundings, have a contingency plan just in the case that this could happen and be thinking about what you would do if you were at such a location where this event took place!

What is your thought in this topic?

Share it with us below!



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