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Was It Really A Terrorist?

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April 2013
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I would venture to say there has not been anyone who is alive or at the very least has a heart has not seen this horrific photo!  Before we begin our dive into this highly sensitive topic, let me exclaim that our hearts and prayers go out to the families who have been affected by this heinous act of complete selfishness and ignorance.Let’s bypass all the hub bub and get right on this hot topic!  Let me offer this opinion from the word go based on credible research of Islamic Terrorists!  This was not an attack from any Islamic organization.  Ok, you may be asking yourself how we can be so positive.  It’s actually quite simple.  For anyone who has every studied or been a part of that belief understands that to commit such an act in the name of Allah would mean that you would have died in the process of the entire event. While there is a man who lies in a hospital severely burned, our government is wanting to place blame onto him since he falls into the visual description of one who they thought might carry such an act out.

Merely because he had a backpack on and was close to the scene of the explosions.  Have you ever been to a marathon?  Much less the Boston Marathon?  Many people are often line up and down the course route to hand out water and granola fruit bars and other items to keep the runners provided with hydration and nutrients to complete the grueling 26 mile event.  So, if we all were to be out there with backpacks then basically we all would be accused or possible terrorists right?

Now to go a bit further, has anyone bothered to question or obtain the answer as to exactly why The City of Boston Bomb Squad was conducting simulated bomb drills with active munitions.  This was released in the AP for a short period of time and not really focused upon too much!

What I am hearing is all this hype and rhetoric about let’s not act as Republicans or Democrats but as one people!  Which we are in agreement with!  However, was that the same conversation they were having with one another during the debate on guns in America.  Absolutely not!  It was entirely one-sided!

That being put to the side temporarily, let’s get back on the topic here!  What this is starting to look more and more like is a false flag terror attack!  What is that you ask?  It is where someone within our government plans this event in hopes that they can pin it to any one of the groups that will eventually lead us into war!  You may say that is preposterous, however, think about this scenario for a brief moment!  We all know the tensions that have been in place for the past month in regards to North Korea, Iran (ongoing) and other skirmishes we are a part of.  Knowing that Kim Jung Un has not acted upon his threat nor has Iran further their ability to deliver a nuclear weapon leaves our current administration in a bit of a pickle.

Study your history and see exactly when our country has been at it highest economic standings!  It has always been when we are at war!  This is a war driven economy and for those who are old enough to remember the major conflicts are country has been a part of will absolutely support me in this effort.

The way this could end up playing out is that our government will accuse someone who is a foreign national that is sympathetic to say North Korea, Iran or any other foreign country and done this in protest.  However, we all know that would be false since that person would have been willing to sacrifice their life in the name of their cause.

Filmmaker Michael Moore and the socialist intelligentsia will not rest until they have eliminated the opposition. On Monday, a few hours after the terrorist attack in Boston, Moore went on his Twitter account and posted a couple tweets blaming the patriot movement for the attack.

It’s precisely the sort of behavior we should expect from radical modern day socialists who hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – except for the First Amendment, of course, which they wouldn’t think of defending with the power granted by the Second.

Several doors of possibilities exists in this and one thing is for certain, this is going to take several turns before it takes us on a straight and narrow!  Be sure to keep a close eye and we will release more reports as we begin to receive exact facts and articles being fed to us from the AP.


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