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April 2013
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Here’s one for you Fat Kim…. How about you put up or shut up!  I am not sure about anyone else, however, I had more than my fill of this wee man.  If a nuclear war is truly what you desire I think we should deliver your wishes.  The only thing we have heard from your mouth is hot air!  Is this what you meant by your version of a nuclear war?  A bunch of hot air!While I am sure that I have just gained the attention of anyone who pays attention to our articles.  While this is a bit of a change in our stance of our writers, one thing we all agree upon is that this bellicose rhetoric delivering wee man needs to be put in his place and put in his place hard!  Right now he basically thinks that he has both America and the world held hostage by his useless threats.  To this I have to offer that this iconic fool is nothing more than a cynical wind bag.  Hot air is about the only thing we are seeing.

While some are probably celebrating and wondering why we are so hell-bent on delivering justice to Fat Kim, it’s quite simple!  Remember 9/11?  Do we really want to wait and see if he can deliver what he mouths off with?

It’s time to take it to his land!  Enough with the going back and forth like a bunch of school yard children.  This little game and exchange of mutual threats has got to stop.  What has been proven is that everyone is full of threats with no real intention of delivering on them.  Personally, all this has achieved is make America look weak and that anyone who has nukes or threatens to have them can basically hold us and the rest of the world hostage.  Would this have been the same outcome had this same garbage poured out of Fidel Castro’s mouth?  Hardly not!  Then President Kennedy would have shoved a nuclear warhead straight down his throat and asked him if he wanted more.

Of course I suppose that, also, has to do with our present Administration appearing to have no backbone.

America?  What America?  Seems that everyone is trying to make us look like little sniffling babies who will just lay down and throw a temper tantrum.  I see more cruelty in the world that takes place in other foreign countries against the sovereignty of their people and America does nothing to intervene.  What about the thousands that die mercilessly at the hands of hatchet men over diamonds in Africa.  What about those who are starved and beaten if they do not follow every command of their government.  And one that is closer to home, what about us standing by as we allow the government to abolish the Second amendment?  I say enough already!  I am willing to go on a one man mission and make a stand as right as of now it is apparent that nobody else seems to be taking interests.

It is truly a shame that Reagan is not alive and President for this event!  I know that this would have never gone this far!

The reasoning behind us being ready to deliver a lethal blow and do so now is because if we do not make a stand we will be seen globally as weak and that opens way too many doors for others to do the same who may go beyond words.

Imagine if this were Iran, and mentioning them for just a short brief we all know that they have brought their nuclear reactor back online and they are certainly closer to being able to produce a nuclear weapon themselves.  What then?  Do you think they will play the same patty cake game back and forth with words?  Look, we all know what is at stake if we enter into a war that has the potential to turn ugly but as we see it along with other military analysts that we have had the privilege of speaking with they see it as the same way.

What bothers me even more is that everyone seems to walk around without having a clue as to what is going on and about to take place!  Have we truly become that self-absorbed into our own lives that we don’t know who is doing what and the leaders of these nations that need to be brought into control?

The time has come for America to once again rise to the test and answer with a swift blow before the blow is delivered to us and for everyone to then stand and yell “why didn’t we do anything to stop this or prevent it?”

Because our nation has become soft and to that you can blame mainstream media with all of the dumbing down via television and other resources.  The constant play on  your mind to take you away into a state of uncaring while America lies on the brink of inihilization in the upcoming days if we do not stand to make it stop!

What are your thoughts on this highly sensitive subject and what steps would you take at this very moment?  Share with us!




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