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April 2013
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It’s been a short while since we have posted on what is going on around the world!  Why, because it has become obvious that nobody truly has a clue!  Regardless of what the mouths in D.C. are yakking, the truth has not been as forward as it should!  Surprised?  We’re not!For nearly the past three weeks to almost a month, we have been listening to the blustering and bellicose rhetoric and threats being issued from North Korea.  To date, all we have heard is what appears to be the same rhetoric that has come from this isolated nation for the past several leaders it has had.

We all know that many around D.C. have been in a state of denial about the possibilities that exist from young Kim.  Look, I am not here to suggest that he is setting to fire a nuclear capable warhead on anyone just as of yet!  However, for the Capital big mouths who think they know everything have failed to realize one small issue.  They are dealing with a complete idiot who has nothing to lose and certainly everything to gain in the eyes of his people in the way of support and credibility.  While we know that North Korea’s decision to launch any attack on the South or any U.S. protected territory would be fatal at best to him and his tiny stretch of land, the one thing that many people do not realize is that he obviously has the capacity to do so.

While flipping through our stack of daily reports we noticed several Senate Arms hearings have been taking place where indications have been talked about that they knew he had these abilities and in the possession of ballistic missiles that are more than capable to strike out at us or our allies.  It’s obvious that the young Fatty Kim has the world in his grips.  While we have spent the past decade fighting a war on terrorism this man comes along and in a matter of a few weeks has everyone watching to see exactly what his next move is going to be.  I would like to think that at this time he certainly has the world in control.  If not, why would there be such an audience from D.C and the rest of the world to see what he may be prepared to do next.  I would say that alone is a pretty formidable threat.

In the past 24 hours Fat Kim has raised and lowered one of the missiles on the pad.  While it is certainly unclear as to what his intentions were behind that, if I were the execs on The Hill, I would not take this lightly.  Let me present this as a possible scenario and thank my brother-in-law in advance since we both think along the same lines.  Has it ever occurred that this wee man could very well pack a nuclear device into a ship container with African markings on it and make sure it is docked in New York City harbor to have the doors opened with more than a huge surprise.  At which time he would appear on his tv stations to say “didn’t I tell you I was going to nuke you?”

We know there are those who see this as far-fetched or that he does not think like that!  How would anyone truly know?  Do we have U.N. Arms inspectors in North Korea, CIA or any other notable source to obtain pertinent information that would be crucial to our security?  NO!

Sure we have satellites and spy drones!  Do you honestly think he is going to do it in broad open view of spying eyes?  All we can say to that is “wake up!”

It is more than obvious that nobody has a clue to what Fat Kim is up to.  One day we are going to wake up to a new world and one that is going to be filled with more challenges than any of us have ever imagined or dreamed of.  Why exactly is America taking such a stand back approach to this.  Think about this for a moment, we nearly wiped a country off of the face of the map for flying airplanes into the World Trade Center.  We support that effort and recognize why it was done.  However, Fat Kim as threatened each and every person within the United States, their children, grandchildren and unborn generations to come with a direct attack that would involve thermonuclear capable devices capable of destroying our land, way of life and so much more and yet we sit with our hands in our laps and doing squat!  Sure we have placed some missile batteries in various locations along with naval destroyers.  Have we done anything to prevent him striking out?  No!  I know that myself along with millions of other people both here in America and around the world are asking the same question?  Are you waiting to see how many people he can kill prior to interacting?

We understand the risk that are at stake by us making the first strike but what we want to focus on is how much more is at danger by sitting back and waiting to see what he truly is capable of.  Looking back at the Cuban Missile Crisis, was there ever a direct threat uttered from Fidel Castro’s mouth to destroy us?  Sure they obviously had assistance from the former Soviet Union and things were getting highly escalated.  Still, were there any direct threats of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil?

While I have been reviewing more news articles and reading over press releases and documents that are making me go blind, I am sitting here listening to Judas Priest “You’ve got another thing coming” and that is exactly what I want to say to the folks on The Hill (D.C.) who seem to think that Fat Kim is just sitting around seeing how upset he can make us.  For a lack of better words, this man has the world and America by the balls right now and I am more than sure he and his entire military are more than aware of that!

What’s your opinion and what do you think will happen next?  Chime in below and let us know!


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