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Is It The New Home or Something Else…

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April 2013
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Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, finally addressed they are releasing their own phone that will be called “Facebook Home.”  To some it may very well be home, to others it may be a threat to their independence as well as freedoms.  In a world where virtually any entity can access your phone without provocation or notification, the world’s leader in providing information to the government is going to take it a step further.Obviously I am a Facebook user as it proves to be an invaluable tool in what we do on this site.  However, nearly every smart phone I am aware of already comes packaged with a standard Facebook App and there are several other versions that are available to download for free or for a nominal fee.

While some may see this as the greatest thing since apple pie and baseball, I see it as yet another way for someone to have a greater level access to the very things they do not need to have access too!

While I have absolutely nothing to hide on my phone, it is the mere implication that someone has access to what should be your personal and private data.  Those who already are on the technical savvy side know that there are more than a few ways for people to acquire your information if they want it but should it be so easy that it automatically comes packaged with your phone?  Just another sign of things you can expect to see more frequently by those who want to be involved in every aspect of your life and under the cover of a mega social networking site.

Is this really about competing with other markets of cell phones or is this more about ease of access to your data without the necessary requirements as required by law.  Obviously, if you purchase a phone with this feature or download it as an App as has been communicated in their press release you then as the end-user pretty much have forfeited all of your rights to any form of privacy.

As it stands now, the federal government and other entities can already turn your phone on without your knowledge and listen in to your conversations.  While some may present the argument of if this can already be done then why so much blowing up of this release?  It’s simple!  Dig further into it and see who truly is behind this latest device and the sole purpose of it.


So Facebook is purchasing even more information on its members from data brokers — companies that collect huge amounts of sensitive information about the everyday activities of millions of Americans. Facebook will use the data, as well as information provided voluntarily by members, to target them with more relevant — and profitable — advertisements.

“We think that serving the right ads to the right people creates a better user experience on Facebook,” said a company spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana.

Do you really think this is focused on merely providing you with a better choice of Ads?  Do you not already know where to go to find the information you are in search of or are looking for?  I think that most of us who own smartphones, have access to the Internet are far more adverse on how to find what we are looking for without our phones constantly being splashed with unwanted Ads from advertisers who may not appeal to us.

We believe our society is engrained enough with the technology we presently have.  Oh, and let’s not certainly forget the amount of these that will inevitably end up in children’s hands.  Like bullying is not already easy enough and now we just want to ramp it up another notch.

Tell us your opinion on what is sure to become a hot topic of conversation and great debates…



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