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Hagel: ‘Clear Danger’ in Korean Threat…

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April 2013
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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warns North Korea’s threats pose ‘real and clear danger’ to US, as Pentagon announces plan to send sophisticated missile-defense system to Guam.For those who have been paying close attention to the growing escalation taking place in Korea you should very well be aware that tensions between the United States and North Korea is certainly at an all time high.  While many of our mainstream media proponents have been trying to downplay this as nothing to worry about certainly there are those in our Administration who feel differently.

While I make reference to previous articles that we have released about America downplaying the bellicose threats being issued by Kim Jong Un, we would like to have you keep in mind that we are talking about a nation that managed to enter the nuclear arena under the nose of America.  While the media and military want you to believe that North Korea does not have the capabilities to strike the mainland U.S. I have but one question to ask.  “How do you know this?”  After all, exactly how would we extract that data and from whom are we getting it from.

Let’s not forget that our present administration has so drastically cut our military forces around the world that I am not convinced there is a concern about what credible threats exist in today’s world.  Could it possibly that there is no true concern seeing as how they have basically tanked our economy and they see this as a sick viable option to revamping it and bringing some for of home to bring it back up by putting people to work due to a war that more than likely could have been prevented?  One can only think so!

Hagel, speaking Wednesday at the National Defense University, said the cascade of threats out of North Korea must be taken “seriously,” given the country’s nuclear and missile-delivery capacity — though analysts say the country still could not fire a nuclear-tipped missile all the way to the continental United States.

nuclear detonationWhy now must North Korea be taken so seriously if you were indeed so convinced that it possessed no clear and present immediate danger to the United States?  Exactly what are they not telling us?

The United States has now issued the fact that they have mobilized missile defense systems to Guam.  Certainly there would be no need to do this if there was without a doubt no danger.  While we have been warning about the fact that we sit on the brink of a nuclear war many have wanted to downplay this with saying that we are looking too much into this situation.  Having taken time to read about and live through the cold war with Russia, the Cuban Missile Crisis and other events since, I am here to tell you that based on strategic planning and movement of serious equipment and personnel that there are plans being put into place that more than suggest that we are planning a strategic strike against North Korea.

While many keep indicating they can’t strike the mainland they obviously are concerned that they can deliver a smaller package to where the is a presence of U.S. forces or interests or why the sudden military build-up.

Keeping in line with this, we must also not forget that a country that has not had any military activities in the recent several years, Russia, is not actively having military exercises in the Black Sea.  China has massed up hundreds of thousands of their military on the North Korean and China border.  Does anyone else see the clear and present danger that is at hand besides our team of investigative reporters and journalists?

Having watched at how quickly this has escalated to the point we are at now I am here to tell you that if it takes longer than a two-week time period before we find ourselves in an all out world war I would be more than taken back.  All the major players are located in key positions and now it is a matter of sit back and wait to see who fires first and what it will take to kick the theater into high motion.  This by no means is a time for the United States to take a sit back approach on this.  To add fuel to the fire, North Korea has vowed to re-start their nuclear reactors which are more than capable of producing nuclear fissile materials to produce additional nuclear weapons.  Although they proclaim much like Iran that it is merely for peaceful and energy purposes, if our government is so inclined to believe that then all I can say is God please have mercy on us during this time of questioning life existing event from taking place.

We realize that the image we chose to put into this post is certainly a frightening one, however, with the present course that we are on at this very present point in time is more than a serious one that we are on.  Our prayers are extended to each of our readers, their families and to all the citizens around the world as we prepare to enter a period that many of us hope we could circumvent.


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