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North Korea puts Rocket Units on Alert to ‘attack US’

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March 2013
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The announcement, carried by the KCNA state media, was in the name of the Supreme Command, which has attracted attention in South Korea because it is an emergency division of the government that is only operational during time of war.

It come a day after Kim Jong-un was again pictured visiting military units, watching exercises on the east coast involving troops storming ashore from hovercraft and artillery shelling targets.

The media mouthpiece for the regime said North Korea can no longer overlook Washington’s nuclear and military threats.

The US and South Korea recently conducted military exercises involving a nuclear submarine and B52 bombers flying out of air bases on Guam.

“The US nuclear war racket has gone beyond the danger line and entered the phase of an actual war, defying the repeated warnings from the army and people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” the statement said.

What does this mean?  Basically, without N Korea coming straight out and saying it, this qualifies as an act and declaration of war.  How long will it take before it escalates into a world-wide theater like we anticipate it will?  This is only something that time will ultimately prove.  We do know this, the amount of rhetoric coming from N Korea has certainly stepped up a bit.  While some would suggest that these are mere rantings, based on intelligence information that we have been given, the N Korean dictator has severed the once open ‘red alert’ communication lines.

It’s a matter of a cat and mouse game at the present time.  However, we are lying on the face of certain and imminent danger of what is coming in the next several days.  Note, also, that the United Sates has resigned an agreement with S. Korea in its commitment to standing behind S. Korea in the fact that if struck by the north the United States would indeed back the south.  However, it would be only as a support unit at the starting point.  However, with what can be expected to take place over the next several days to weeks, we are more than confident that this will change dramatically.

One thing is for sure and that is that life as we know it is fixing to change and change quickly.  It is something that our entire team is keeping an eye on and will keep you as updated as quickly as we put it into print for you.




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