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March 2013
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The News Is Silent

The past several days has brought us ever closer to the brink of a global world war with Iran ratcheting up its rhetoric, N. Korea stepping up its threats and the two bigger worries of China and Russia have all but disappeared off the of global map.

Many are well aware of the fact that the past several days has been filled with an uprising on several global fronts.  Today has been off of the charts and all is quiet!  Does this mean that we can stand down our defenses.  Absolutely not!  If anything tomorrow’s news will be packed with new issues.

If you will take all the global conflicts that America has been involved with in the past 15 years, it has been the same way before all hell broke loose.  While many of us go to be tonight thinking that everything has dissipated, you can rest assured that there is a vast buildup of military personnel around the globe in preparation for what is coming in the very near future.  While we still keep hearing grander visions of peace you can rest assured that the war rooms around the world are busy with activity and preparing themselves to embrace what is going to be nothing short of horrific.

As we sit our world’s fuse in the waiting zone of a global war breaking loose is burning low.  We only have so much time and we can only hope that each of you have been taking the time to make the necessary preparations for what is coming.

Our team is watching the events closely as events continue to unfold.


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