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President Obama, Above The Law

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March 2013
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Does The Constitution Even Matter…

When President Obama came into the Oval Office just a little over four years ago he was a bit skeptical on exactly how far he could push the power of the White House, especially if it seemed to be eliminating Congress from the scene.Now as the President is fully into his second term it has become quite apparent that he is in a mad push to utilize his self pronounced Executive Powers over things that by law of the Constitution certainly he has no right in doing so.  In most cases of President’s of past, these would have been considered offensive crimes and ones that were considered to be impeachable events.  Exactly how is it that this President has been able to isolate himself from being held to those same standards?

That is a question that I am more than sure that several people ask themselves on a daily basis.

He delayed the deportation of young illegal immigrants when Congress wouldn’t agree. He ordered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to research gun violence, which Congress halted nearly 15 years ago. He told the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, deciding that the 1996 law defining marriage as between a man and a woman was unconstitutional. He’s vowed to act on his own if Congress didn’t pass policies to prepare for climate change.

I used to think that we still were a country of the free and the brave, however, it is becoming clearer with the passing of every day that no longer applies.  Oh yes, while he will tell you that we are still a free country and that nothing has changed I certainly would beg to differ with you as I am sure many members of both the House & Senate would as well.  Maybe there truly is a bigger answer to this!

Could it quite possibly be that our President is nothing more than a mouth piece for a much bigger entity that controls our country.  Many think so and it certainly would make you stop to think about it.  How many times have we heard President Obama make reference to that if he did not get his way or a certain bill passed that he would push it through with his Executive Powers.  In fact, he has no authority to do so.  That being said, then there are some things that we need to certainly take a closer look at.

Does the Constitution that was written by our forefathers even exist anymore.  Or is it merely a thought of grander days that have long gone by.

Presidents since George Washington have signed executive orders, an oft-overlooked power not explicitly defined in the Constitution. More than half of all executive orders in the nation’s history – nearly 14,000 – have been issued since 1933.

Many serve symbolic purposes, from lowering flags to creating a new military medal. Some are used to form commissions or give federal employees a day off. Still others are more serious, and contentious: Abraham Lincoln releasing political prisoners, Franklin D. Roosevelt creating internment camps for Japanese-Americans, Dwight Eisenhower desegregating schools.

“Starting in the 20th century, we have seen more and more that have law like functions,” said Gene Healy, a vice president of the Cato Institute, a libertarian research center, who’s the author of “The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power.”

So, if the President is merely a puppet or mouthpiece for a larger faction….exactly who is it and do they represent the NWO as many of us understand it?  I suppose only time will tell, however, what is disturbing is what will time tell us and will it lead to the end of the greatest nation on earth.  Times of impending uncertainty and fragility are at the greatest levels and we can only turn to prayer in hopes that our nation will return to its founding roots and to regain the footprint we once used to be on.  As we see it, this pathway is leading us down a road to which there is no return.

What is your perspective on this topic of conversation…



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