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Preparing for war! Are we ready?

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March 2013
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Growing closer to sending the United States into a confrontation that could very well be the triggering of Armageddon.

As if tensions at home were not enough based on an economy that is more than in the tank, our wonderful leadership is contemplating in drawing us into a war that will certainly have greater consequences than any other war that we have been a part of since the Vietnam era.

While there have been skirmishes that been leading us to this point in time, we know that we could have very well prevented this event.  How you ask?  Simple, by paying more attention to what was going on here at home with our people instead of being concerned over what has been a looming event for decades between country’s that seem to not want peace in their region.  Do not mistake me, we are certainly not in support of the loss of humanity by some evil dictator who has nothing better to do with his time than to kill off his own people.

However, as has been in the past our government sees fit to engage into others business that more than likely we have no business being there to begin with.  What this shows signs of is the usual of our leadership in America wanting to be in control over something that nobody has been in control of for decades.

We want to make it perfectly clear that we are firm believers in the Bible and we are very well aware of what it has to say about his very issue.  However, does our country need to step up to escalate us into this war arena or should we sit by and watch as this scenario unfolds.  Regardless, we need to keep a close eye on the sky!

Do we think this will unfold into a nuclear escalation?  Maybe not in the immediate time frame, however, as time unfolds as do these events we have every clue and indicator that this certainly is the door that is being opened that will usher in the events that will forever have a drastic change for both the American people as well as people around the world.

Can American support a war of this nature right now?  Should we even be in it?  These are some very challenging questions and ones that should be weighed in heavy as the days go by.

We can expect things to escalate in the next several days and if the past goes anything like what we have become accustomed to we might as well prepare for the fact that we are heading to war.  Let’s go ahead and tell the American people now since it is more than apparent that our government has made up its mind.  It’s just a matter of the political rhetoric and formalities if those even exist anymore in our nations vocabulary or that is a dream of days gone past.

What are your thoughts on this?  Tell us below…


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