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Google Glass, Who Will Be The First Killer Wearing Them?

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March 2013
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Text, Photo’s, Video’s In Motion….

Could the introduction of one of Google’s innovations be utilized as the next great American spy?  Some would certainly think so.  A question we have pondered is “who will be the first killer wearing a pair of Google’s optical wonder?”We have already seen several cases such as this where accused killers have claimed they carried out their actions because of video games and were not able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.  Could this very well be the same for the introduction of one of Google’s inventions that is set to hit the market in a short time frame?

What concerns us is that for the majority we all know that the CIA & Big Sis has the ability to see just about everything we do that requires an Internet connection or via a mobile tower.  For those who have ever worried about roaming cameras in their towns will now have to worry about potentially hundreds if not thousands of pairs of virtual roaming eyes looking at their every move.  I am not sure about the rest of you, however, there certainly is part of me that is not ok with this.  I am all about technological innovations and major advancements, however, there comes a point in time when these very same advancements will be a detriment to our society as opposed to being a blessing in disguise.

At what point is technology gone to far?  Is this is?

I supposed that is solely going to depend whom you ask!  I have no reservations in knowing that both the CIA & DHS will see these inventions as incredible and certainly will take the effort out of their level of work.  However, for those of us who would like to maintain a little privacy in our lives will see these as a major invasion of privacy.  There has already been a sports bar in Washington State that has banned the use of the one-eyed optical viewing glass that unlocks the world to anyone who wants to see it.

Will the Pope wear Glass? Who will be the first president of the United States to wear it? You can be sure the police will. They’ll have access to the history of any citizen as if he were a Potential Suspect, and animated previews of any building or home as an assault target.

Any Glass wearer who eats at a restaurant in New York will immediately be plugged into a Bloomberg app that displays, before his eyes, along with a sub-vocal whisper: “The next bite of steak will elevate your cholesterol level above allowed limits. Put down the fork. Don’t order coffee. Move the dish of sugar envelopes away from you. I see you’re a registered gun owner in Utah. You have three hours to leave the City.”

Where is the limit and when will advanced be advanced enough?

In a society where we continually push for bigger and better breakthroughs in technology at some point in time will certainly be seen as a falling down for our country as opposed to an advancement.

Where do you stand on this controversial topic…

Let us know below as we are interested in hearing your feedback!



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