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Chemical Weapons Attack

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March 2013
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URGENT:  Reports of chemical weapons attack Aleppo by rebels in SyriaReports are beginning to fire up everywhere in regards to chemical agents being used against unarmed civilians in Syria.  Could this be the hair-trigger that is needed to bring the United States into a global war?  After having reviewed several reports from varying agencies, our staff fully feels as this is merely the starting grounds for what will escalate into an all out war.

Based on several reports issues are going back and forth as to whether or not any chemical weapons were used.  However, watch the video above and see for yourself.  Do you think that it is mere accident that something like this happened?  We know that is not the case.  This was very much a planned attack and one that will be used as a basis for the United States to enter into another war front.  However, considering who supplies Syria of its weapons I think it is highly important that we keep an eye on Russia.

Not like America has enough on its plate to monitor.  Now we are looking at engaging Syria, N. Korea has ducked into the woods so to speak in regards with its rhetoric.  Regardless of what is happening, it is ever-present and more than clear that our government is bent on entering into a war front.  Is this more economic driven as opposed to actual crimes of insanity against humanity that we find ourselves in this situation?  I find it more than coincidental that at a point when the American economy is in the tank that we are thinking about taking our nation to war.  However, we all know that from past history this is the time when our nation has been the most prosperous.  The question we would like to place out in the open is whether a unnecessary war is the proper route as the way to bolster our economy and certainly with a cost to human lives that it more than unnecessary.

One thing is for sure, this is one situation that is going to require paying close attention to as it will change with the passing of each and every minute.

What are your thoughts on this tough and delicate topic.  We want to hear from you!


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