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March 2013
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For those who may not have know for the past nearly 30 years America has had a contingency plan in place in the event of a National Emergency.  In the event of say a nuclear attack or terrorist attack on D.C. they have a plan in place to withdraw all essential personnel to secret locations and establish an Emergency Government.

Some may ask “what is the importance of this?”.  It is simple in the fact that should such an event take place that what you now understand as your working Government would install what would in essence be a shadow government and being controlled by a police force as such.  You can learn more about the COG (Continuity of Government Plan)

While some may not see this as an imminent threat to our way of living, however, in essence I would be more afraid of this than that of any event that would cause the “Shadow Government” from taking over.  So you may like to know what brought this article into being?  It is that the current state of heightened alert of possible terrorist attacks is at an all time high since 911.  Although the “Cold War Era” as many of us grew up knowing has come to an end….it is certainly no cause for Americans to become lax in their posture of what is lurking around the corner and can and probably will come to America before any of us knew what happened.

Obviously with Iran on their quest for nuclear technology is certainly on top of the list, however, there are those who are not given the due credit that they are worthy of such as Korea, India, Pakistan and several other third world countries. Keep in mind that it would not take a national attack to implement the “Shadow Government” from taking over our country.  It would merely take an attack on D.C. or Chicago or any of the financial districts around the country to install this action.

One nuclear explosion would trigger what would soon turn into utter mass chaos and send people scrambling for cover.  Needless to say why they would try to make you think that they were concerned for your welfare they would be working silently in the background to ensure that only the heads of Government bodies would be taken into a secret location of protection and the “Shadow Government” then taking full control of our country and implementing “Martial Law”.

Seeing that both NY City and D.C. are basically ports or close to shipping ports it would not be hard for terrorist organizations to place a “dirty nuclear device” or other biological device into a shipping container to be exploded in a timed manner to cause a level of chaos and catastrophe never seen before in this country.

Look how easy it was to take America by surprise with the attacks on the WTC on 911.  Nobody had a clue what had just happened nor where it came from for many hours.  Although the Dept. of Homeland Security is now suppose to be in control of overseeing the inspection of cargo containers I am quite sure that things have become more than lax with the current administration we have seeing that we are supposedly not under any real security threat.  Wasn’t that more or less the frame of mind that our country was under during 911.  After all who would have ever thought that America would have been attacked in the fashion that we were.  This is not a matter of if we are attacked but a matter of when we will be attacked again!  It is going to happen soon and the American government has become lax in its stance against it as well as developing and preparing for such an event.

Yes both FEMA and the Dept. of Homeland Security meet and plan for such an event but what they don’t want you to know is the fact is that they are not planning for your survival and security but that of their own.  There has never been a more prime opportunity for a rogue group of terrorists to attack our country than now!  With nearly everyone studying what is going on with the Mid-Term Elections and the who’s who and everything that goes along with that!  What they don’t tell you is that we are expendable and all they are truly worried about is the infrastructure and the people who are associated with it.  Another thing to take into consideration is the mere fact that shipping containers usually are taken from any port via truck and transported to rail yards and locations around the country making it even easier for someone looking to attack America to have their destructive merchandise carried to nearly anywhere they want it.

Currently we are in a “High” state of threat level and this was established by a press release from our government about the possible of attacks across European countries. However, we should not allow ourselves into being duped into thinking that we here at home should not be on a higher level of alertness ourselves.

You can read more about the current threat here.  If you were to do your research into this ……this is the way we actually started pre 911 but the information was never disclosed to the American population.  Why is it that our government chooses not to give a broader statement about what is truly going on and the eminent dangers that lurk around us every day.  Is it to prevent a mass hysteria of sorts or are they trying to cover more up than meets the eye of what is allowed to be seen by the American populous via the major media outlets.  Certainly we should not sit by and act as if nothing was taking place but take a more proactive approach to getting the answers we are entitled to and deserve to know.  There are a variety of highly credible sources available for even the average American to have access to and I encourage each of you to look into them and see for yourself what I and many people who try to stay on top of these events are seeing.  The time is now to begin to plan for it rather than after the time of being too late.


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