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March 2013
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While many of us have been watching this unfold for several years, it actually is being put into place.  The United States government is now under way to take a vote on one of the most crippling pieces of legislation to hit since the beginning of our government.

SOPA as it has commonly become known to many is now in place to become law.  So what is this all about?  It involves censoring your right to what you are able to view, upload and share across the Internet.  Sadly enough, it is not truly our government who is going to super impose this new piece of legislation but rather it is being fought over by such Internet giants such as Google who are already using SOPA like forms of censorship already.

While I certainly do not support those who willfully violate copyright infringements, what I do not support is the willful and outright violation of American liberties that are being stripped from us one at a time.  Let’s just imagine for a brief moment that the United States Government is able to shut down the Internet or severely cripple it from what we now know it to be.  Needless to say that there is a looming threat from a group known as Anonymous looming in the background just waiting to prove to the government exactly what they truly are capable of.

Word currently has it that it the government was to go ahead and shut down the Internet that Anonymous is prepared to shut down all cellular communication networks.  If you think life without the Internet would be interesting can you imagine what it would be like without mobile communications?  Oh, and did we fail to mention that the federal government utilizes cell phone communications for a large amount of mission and critical information.

One more thought on this highly sensitive topic.  If you don’t want the possibility of someone using your information, images or materials being displayed on the Internet then maybe a bigger question you should ask yourself is whether or not you should be uploading them to begin with.


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